023 – “The Blue Eyed Devil,” TJ Marconi & “The Sin City Kitty,” Tommy Purr!

TJ Marconi joins the show to talk defending the ACE title, working in shitty rings, dealing with a pilled-up X-Pac, and getting Superman punched.


“The Sin City Kitty,” Tommy Purr takes the Ring Ratz on a tour of Las Vegas shindys while dropping gossip in the litter box that is Pro-Wrestling.


And the Ring Ratz introduce the first-ever Ring Ratz Fan Contest.  Be the first to email RingRatzPodcast@gmail.com and win a huge prize!

022 – Prince Akkanatan PLUS! WUW recap!

The Ring Ratz are fresh off an amazing show live at Johnny Rodz’ World of Unpredictable Wrestling in beautiful Bushwick, New York.


Up next, “The Vile from the Nile” Prince Akkanatan joins the Ring Ratz to talk Indie Wrestling, Gen Next stars, and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake causing a national security crisis.


And finally, the Ring Ratz thought the @heelturnpod put out the worst wrestling podcast they’d ever heard in their lives but then…they released a new episode.  Check out the Ring Ratz taking a shit all over the abortion that they continue to pass of as a podcast.

021 – Damien Darling & JGeorge WITH! Casanova Valentine cohosts!

Casanova Valentine joins the Ring Ratz to talk about Art, Independent Wrestling, and giving your girlfriend bedbugs.  PLUS Casanova loosely supports the Ring Ratz on-going blood-feud with nothing-happening piece-of-shit coward podcast @heelturnpod

@casanovavalentine, @mcdeathbear

“The Final Freebird” Damien Darling gives the Ring Ratz just a small taste of the nothing-happening underbelly of the early 2000’s Northeast Independent Wrestling scene.


Friend of the show!  JGeorge is back on the Ring Ratz Pro-Wrestling Gossip Show Podcast.  We’re not saying he’s an ASS, but he has recently accepted a self-appointed role as the “Athletic Sanction Supervisor.”



020 – Mathias Glass & J-Dawg Brooks PLUS! Meghan

Our worst show yet!

The Ring Ratz celebrate Yom Kippur with Social Media Consultant Meghan the only way they know how-by getting shit-faced drunk.

“The Hasidic Outlaw” Mathias Glass joins the Ring Ratz on Yom Kippur to discuss his complicated relationship between Judaism and Pro-Wrestling.


Next, the Ring Ratz are joined by Dirty South Mainstay J-Dawg Brooks.  J-Dawg fills the Ring Ratz in on all the back-biting bullshit in the South Florida Indie Pro-Wrestling scene.


And finally, the Ring Ratz have the nerve to all out the General Admission Podcast while black-out drunk.



019 – Casanova Valentine & Kieta Murray!

Casanova Valentine joins the Ring Ratz in their palatial new headquarters to discuss the unholy marriage of art and deathmatch wrestling.


We say L’Shanah Tovah to call-in guest”All That” Kieta Murray and discuss S’Nick, Orange Soda, and The Jewish Heavyweight Championship.


Next MC Death Bear art show “DEATH MATCH 2” will be November 16th at the Tender Trap in Greenpoint Brooklyn @tendertrapbk via @superchiefgallery and will feature a LIVE NO RING DEATH MATCH along with the first Casanova Valentine action figure on sale.

IG: MCDeathBear / CasanovaValentine

Twitter: @MCDeathBear / @HHCV666

018 – Eddy McQueen, Rob The Giant & Cuzin Sanchez!

Matter of Pride Tournament winner Eddy McQueen schools the Ring Ratz on being young and fabulous in the Northeast.


The last remaining midget wrestler in New England, Rob the Giant, discusses dodging green beans and other important topics with the Ring Ratz.


Cuzin Sanchez misses his moment in bed with Sunny, & MORE on the MCW Convention.

017 – A Matter of Pride Hangover with Jamie Senegal

Cumming off of the amazing “A Matter of Pride” wrestling celebration, The Ring Ratz are joined by the fabulous Jamie Senegal for a recap.

IG: @jaimie.senegal

Plus, Sunny’s drunk again?  Nah, you gotta be kidding me.

And, how much money is Billy Corgan willing to piss away on the shit disaster that is TNA?

016 – Ring Ratz Super Show! GUESTS: Stockade / Rick Cataldo / Cuzin’ Sanchez!

The Ring Ratz are back with a shit ton of incredible guests! First, “The Devil’s Outlaw,” Stockade calls in to elucidate on the hyper-specific pain of getting one’s ass slammed on a pile of Legos.

IG: @stockadedmf

Then, if that’s not enough, we’re joined by the Boy Diva, Rick Cataldo and we can promise he has some serious ratchet shit to talk.

IG: @theboydiva

And finally, our favorite cuzin’, Sanchez, joins the show to mourn the absolute dogshit ass-kicking CM Punk endured at UFC 203.

IG: @dmtampod




015 – No Calls? NO PROBLEM! Fat Baby returns!

The Ring Ratz raw dog it tonight when technical difficulties derail tonight’s guest.

Fat Baby sits in tonight to talk about tickling Mr. Fuji and the ways he got wrestlers to shit themselves in the Ring.

014 – Tier 1 Brooklyn Show RECAP! Meghan and Mike came

The Ring Ratz are joined by Meghan & Mike Represa for South Brooklyn’s Tier 1 Wrestling.

We look into the recent rash of coke-fueled suspensions in wrestling PLUS, over at the Ring Ratz HQ, we’re having problems with our cosmonaut house guest.

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The Abominable CPA @CPAwrestles

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