062 – The Caster Show

“The Tweener” Max Caster is the future of indie wrestling and Max Caster is in the house live with the RingRatz!  Max graciously puts up with our bullshit as we talk the impact/WrestlePro loop, The Boy Diva, and that pile of shit, Maxwell Jacob (who?) Feinstein



Plus, we recap the huge indie wrestling weekend in NYC, RVD throwing shade, and, obviously, new Sunny news!



061 – A Conversation With The Man

Johnny Moran is the Man and he’s hanging out with the RingRatz tonight.  W’ere talking about fucking up some little piss ants in Atlantic City, Keita Murray, and The Pug taking a piss on his opponents.


Plus, we’re calling out that piece of shit Beetle who beat CPA in the Wrestle Circus poll, talking WrestlePro/Global Force, and a whole lo of meth.

060 – Ratz with The Cage

RingRatz host Andy Lee is again sexing his way through this Great Nation, leaving Danzo in the loving embrace of A Shot Of Wrestling’s Greenman deep within the Mother Ship that is 1261 Bushwick Ave!

We talk Sex, Drugz, and Rockin’ Hoes with Sebastian Cage, and get to the bottom of his never-ending vacationz!


Plus, Scott Steiner broke some nobody’s neck, Mathias Glass uses his Judaism to his advantage, and Kurt Angle calls out Michael Phelps on  jumping the shark!







059 – Vinny Pacifico (for real this time)

We’re coming back with two shows in two days and the RingRatz aren’t coming alone.  Calling all the way from his vacation spot in Tampa Florida, is The Kid, Vinny Pacifico.  The Kid’s filling us in on his crazy protein intake, Warriors of Wrestling, and his comeback.



Plus, we have boring Alberto Del Rio news, Dr. Richards, and what in the hell is Sizzling Stan Styles going to eat for dinner?

058 – Owning Up with Aaron Bradley

The RingRatz love controversy, that’s why we’re going all in with Aaron Bradley.  W’re talking about full-grown adults who collect toys, getting wifed-up, and…did something happen in Jersey last weekend?



Plus, we’ve got the Greenman on next week, Maxwell Jacob (who?) gets pelted with toilet paper, and we miss the fuck out of Prince Akkanatan.

057 – What’s Brewing With The Project?

The RingRatz are catching up with “The Project” Thomas Brewington.  We’re talking the Shindy 500 of Upstate Wrestling, plus throwing shade on a certain wrestling apparel line, Sonny Kiss, and of course, Beef on Weck.


Plus, we’re already bored of the whole Alberto Del Rio stayed too long at the Coke Party bullshit, Stevie Ray’s defense of human sex trafficking, and J George calling out a former NXT worker.


056 – Clay Drasher is Our New Brother, Brother!

Clay Drasher is one of the coolest people in the fucking world.  The RingRatz could talk to this guy all god-damn day.  We cover tag team wrestling, shifty piss-ant kids, and wrestling in front of West Virginia Mongoloids.

@Claydrasher  @50shadesofclay1

Plus, we’re covering the IWA -Mid South Holocaust denial scandal, Sunny geting fucked up again, and Jesus Fucking Christ, what the hell have you done this time, Alberto Del Rio?

As always, be sure to hit up the tipline at RingRatzPodcast@gmail.com for all your stickerz, magnetz, and dick pic needz.

055 – Fourth of July SuperShow

The RingRatz are kicking off the holiday weekend with The Unpredictable J George.  We’re talking fireworks, indie wrestling, political bullshit, and dropping an open invitation for J George to come by 1261 Bushwick Ave.


Next, we squirt a whole can of whipped cream in our face with Sizzling Stan Stylez.  This shit is so sexual, we can’t even talk about it.


Finally, we go back down South with Jeff Baker.  We’re talking promos, NWA Smokey Mountain, and dead strippers.


054 – If You Don’t Love Bob Backlund, You’re A Communist Cock-Sucker

The RingRatz welcome wrestling royalty, Pryme Tyme Amy Lee to the show. Amy takes us to school on Dick Murdoch, Luna Vachonm and why Gino Moore is a fat fuck.


Plus, we’re talking the one true wrestling Hall of Fame, Jeff Jarrett’s drunk texts, and online pissing matches!


053 – A Matter of Pride II: The Podcast

The RingRatz let it all hang out at our favorite show of the year, A Matter of Pride II.  We had the pleasure of talking to Larry Legend, Sarah the Adorable Teenage Ref, Billy Dixon, El Elemento, Ashton Starr, and we got our first-ever dick pic review from Tommy Purr.





Plus, we check in with The Fabulous Eddy McQueen.  We’re talking AMOP, doing the double shot, and dealing with shoulder/neck/back injuries.