052 – Fifty-Two Pick Up w/ Rick Cataldo

The Baddest Bitch in the game is back at 1261 Bushwick Ave to give the RingRatz the hard sell on A Matter of Pride: Volume Two!

Rick Cataldo didn’t eat all day and we did our best to get gim drunk as fuck.  We go down deep on A Matter of Pride, Tommy Purr, and projects we’re working on deep, down, in the long, hard pipeline.



The RingRatz are back with our most stacked show ever, main evented by The Elite Athlete, Mike Orlando.  He weighs in on our ongoing Amazing Graysons debate, Sonny Kiss, and Zubas.


Next, we cover a huge Create A Pro show featuring interviews with Impact’s Kevin Matthews, Maria Manic, CAP Champ Smart Mark Sterling, Francis Kip Stevens, and a call-in with five-time RingRatz guest, the Abominable CPA.







050 – Feel The Flow

The Ring Ratz are joined at The Mothership 1261 Bushwick by The Puerto Rican Beast, Frankie Flow.  We get the low down on piece of shit restaurant owners who don’t want to pay Frankie, Legendary Action Wrestling, and why shows at bars are better.


Next we check in with our favorite Purr-vert, The Sin City Kitty, Tommy Purr.  Tommy’s pissed because we haven’t yet sent him dick pics and, frankly, Tommy has a good point.  We talk A Matter of Pride II, but mostly dick pics.


049 – Getting Smart with Mark Sterling

The RingRatz are joined live in the 1261 Mothership with Smart Mark Sterling.  Mark is smart enough not to fall for the RingRatz bullshit.  We’re talking Create-A-Pro, indulging in our mutual hatred for Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, and breaking in by way of Captain Lou.


But wait, there more – we’re talking Ric Flair, slow news day rascism, and Al Snow.

Plus, we have Frankie Flow next week!

048 – “The Black Stallion”

The RingRatz are back and we’re joined live by “The Black Stallion” Delroy Alexander.  He’s not only putting up with the RingRatz bullshit, he’s also giving us the lowdown on Wrestle Pro, New Jack, and confirming that Maxwell Jacob Feinstein is, in fact, a piece of shit.

But wait there’s more!  Billy Corgan a tool for the alt-right?  Rick Cataldo calls out straight wrestlers?  Randy Orton being a dick again?  Plus, Frankie Flow gets disrespected and the RingRatz are fucking pissed.



047 – Don’t Call It A Recap!

The RingRatz are lucky as fuck that we recorded Brii Combination’s World War 360 because we were blackout drunk.  Check out our rundown of the best wrestling in NYC!








Next, Cuzin Sanchez calls in to give us the lowdown on the Icons & Legends convention at the world-famous ECW Arena.


And!  We’re talking gross photo hacks, significant meth news, and we say goodbye to one of our favorite tag teams.

Plus! Greenman!


046 – The Breakfast Club

The Ring Ratz are joined live at 1261 Bushwick Ave by one of our favorite tag teams, The Breakfast Club.  The Abominable CPA oins us for a record-breaking 4th time and Kip Stevens confirms that he is, in fact, the Bob Saget of indie wrestling.

Plus!  We’re on top o the latest photo hacking scandal, we’re finding out who’s kicking the dead horse that is the NWA, and we find out who almost died in Kip Steven’s car.



045 – This Is Juba

The Ring Ratz are hyped up as fuck to speak to a significantly more subdued Juba.  We’re speaking incredibly reasonably about Record Store Day, over saturation, and we go way out on a limb stemming from one fairly crass joke about two-year olds.


Plus, we’re still throbbing in ecstasy after being kissed by Eric Jayden, we drop new A Matter of Pride news, and we finally get Ric Flair’s Side of the story.

044 – No, Pat Patterson, You May Not Suck My Dick

The Ring Ratz sit under the learning tree with author and former pro wrestler, Tom Hawkins.  He gives us the dirt on running porn for the mob, his infamous appearance on Donahue, and steadfastly refusing to let Pat Patterson suck his dick.

PLUS!  We have late-breaking Brii Combination Wrestling news, we yawn through the latest Alberto Del Rio rant, and we continue to own the Shot of Wrestling Co-host Competition.

043 – Drugz Bunny

The Ring Ratz are getting hopped up as fuck with Drugz bunny.  We’re lining up on HoodSlam, Freak Show Wrestling, and Cooking with Drugz.


Next, The Ring Ratz come home to the best wrestling promotion in NYC.  We’re talking to Mike from BCW about the Elk’s Lodge, The Amazing Graysons, and the etymology of Brii Combination Wresting.


Plus, we go on a drunken rant with Alberto Del Rio, tattle on Mauro Ranallo, and get thrown out of a bar with Ric Flair.

And finally, Sunny’s right in our backyard!!!