073 – Faye Is Bae

We’re hanging with Faye Jackson and you know her milkshake brings The RingRatz to the yard.  We’re talking being the Queen of BCW, Woman of Honor, and basic-ass Halloween costumes.


Plus, MJF has the audacity to correct someone’s grammar, we give Eddy McQueen a primer on piss play, and debate the possibility of Lio Rush being a bully.

072 – Clashing With Kris

The RingRatz are joined live at the 1261 Bushwick Mothership by the fantastic Kris Statlander.  Kris has an incredible tolerance for our bullshit and is shockingly willing to talk about being a well-rounded kick-ass stuntwoman, Mark Sterling as a wrestling dad, and giving a shout-out to Momma Grayson.


Plus, Johnny Clash is spending his commute home with the RingRats.  We’re talking Smart Mark Sterling cheating, Max Caster talking shit, and completely understanding Johnny’s misgivings about having Kris Statlander in our apartment.


Plus, jail, Canada, and telling people to fuck off.

071 – An Ash-ton Of Fun With A Starr

The RingRatz are going deep down into the Dirty South with Ashton Starr.  We’re talking A Matter Of Pride, fucked up southern bigotry, and A Flavor Of Love.


Plus, we catch up with The Amazing Graysons at WrestlePro Brooklyn and we tip them off to some possible wardrobe malfunctions.

And there’s more!  Who got punched in the dick?  Who ripped their shorts?  And who’s afraid to sell booze at their show?

070 – The Rebuttal

The RingRatz are joined by Tommy Grayson, the older, sexier of the Grayson crew (Andy wrote the description, Danzo posted it and strongly disagrees).  Tommy is weighing in on the ongoing Grayson Debate, trying to avoid getting sucked into our bullshit, and reluctantly revealing details about the mysterious Darryl Grayson.


Plus, who ripped their dickhole?  Who’s dicking around with wrestler?  And who’s a dick about plane ticket?

069 – Sexaversary with The Gym Nasty Boys and Maria Manic

It’s our 69th show and we’re getting dirt nasty with the Gym Nasty Boyz.  We’re talking wrestling, the Rock N’ Roll Express, Cognac, Root Beer, and giving a big shout out to Faye Jackson.


Next, we’ve been on a collision course with Maria Manic for months now.  All bullshit aside, Maria Manic is seriously one of the coolest people in wrestling.  We’re talking wrestling people who are drunk, stealing beer from Danzo, and debunking Maria’s false claims that we approached her like a “fuck boi.”


Plus, who pooped themselves, who’s growing dope, and who’s getting replaced by a porn star?

068 – Our Most, Most Stacked Show Ever

The RingRatz bought a ticket to Five Borough Wrestling in the Flatlands sections of Brooklyn, New York.  We came for the wrestling, but we stayed for shots at the bar and a chance to talk to Bull James, Mike Verna,  Maria Manic, Rick Cataldo, Logan Black, T.K. Luther, Kris Slatlander, CPA, and Ace Austin!

Next, our ongoing Amazing Graysons debate explodes with a call from JP Grayson himself.  Honestly, they’re both the shit.  We’re also talking Northeast Wrestling, Beavis and Butthead, and what the term “best friend” actually means.

Plus, fuck Anthony Deblasio.

067 – Thank Fucking God We Found Logan Black’s Underwear

The RingRatz have been up all night, we’ve been losing sleep frankly we have not rested at all since Logan Black lost his underwear at a show.  We got a status update tonight from the man himself, the King of Chaos, Logan Black. @Kingofchaosnyc

Next, we go down to the deep dark, basement asylum with the handler and doctor to Smiley, Dr. Price and his patient discuss the Amazing Graysons, wrestling in shitholes, and Sonny Kiss.  Honestly, we were just trying to get pillz from doctor. @smiley_lucha

066 – Billy Dixon Is More Forgiving Than The RingRatz

The RingRatz are back with “The New Classic” Billy Dixon.  We’re (mostly) dropping our crazy hyperbolic bullshit for a change and going long-form on race, sexuality, and bigotry in the South.  The world is a fucked up place and Billy Dixon is down in Virginia to witness it first-hand.  But that’a not all!  We’re talking A Matter Of Pride, Wrestling in Virginia, and early WSU matches with the former HRCW Champion from the Boogie Down Bronx.


065 – Rick Cataldo Needs A Fuck Ton of Editing

The RingRatz take an in-depth look at WSU’s upcoming mega-event, The Queen and King of the Ring!

First, from the 9th Gate, we have the mysterious Blackwater.  The Collector of Souls is talking Dojo Wars, Amy Lee, and disclosing where exactly the 9th Gate is.


Next, we’ve got a lot of problems and the biggest, by far, is Rick Cataldo.  There’s no amount of editing that’s going to save this interview and the RingRatz do not care.  This one’s out of control even by our standards.


064 – Don’t Tell Smart Mark The Babysitter’s Dead

The Abominable CPA is back with the RingRatz for a record-breaking 5th time!  CPA continues to sacrifice his hard-won legitimacy in the world of pro wrestling to talk Road Dogging it down to Tennessee, MJ(who?)F, and the next CAP show.

Plus, did you see that video of that guy elbow dropping a concrete floor?  We have this concrete-slapping motherfucker on tonight!

And Plus, Plus, we have the current reigning, and defending Create A Pro Champion, Smart Mark Sterling.  We’re talking Dad Dancing, outsmarting Brock Lesnar, and Create A Pro.