018 – Eddy McQueen, Rob The Giant & Cuzin Sanchez!

Matter of Pride Tournament winner Eddy McQueen schools the Ring Ratz on being young and fabulous in the Northeast.


The last remaining midget wrestler in New England, Rob the Giant, discusses dodging green beans and other important topics with the Ring Ratz.


Cuzin Sanchez misses his moment in bed with Sunny, & MORE on the MCW Convention.

017 – A Matter of Pride Hangover with Jamie Senegal

Cumming off of the amazing “A Matter of Pride” wrestling celebration, The Ring Ratz are joined by the fabulous Jamie Senegal for a recap.

IG: @jaimie.senegal

Plus, Sunny’s drunk again?  Nah, you gotta be kidding me.

And, how much money is Billy Corgan willing to piss away on the shit disaster that is TNA?

016 – Ring Ratz Super Show! GUESTS: Stockade / Rick Cataldo / Cuzin’ Sanchez!

The Ring Ratz are back with a shit ton of incredible guests! First, “The Devil’s Outlaw,” Stockade calls in to elucidate on the hyper-specific pain of getting one’s ass slammed on a pile of Legos.

IG: @stockadedmf

Then, if that’s not enough, we’re joined by the Boy Diva, Rick Cataldo and we can promise he has some serious ratchet shit to talk.

IG: @theboydiva

And finally, our favorite cuzin’, Sanchez, joins the show to mourn the absolute dogshit ass-kicking CM Punk endured at UFC 203.

IG: @dmtampod




015 – No Calls? NO PROBLEM! Fat Baby returns!

The Ring Ratz raw dog it tonight when technical difficulties derail tonight’s guest.

Fat Baby sits in tonight to talk about tickling Mr. Fuji and the ways he got wrestlers to shit themselves in the Ring.