014 – Tier 1 Brooklyn Show RECAP! Meghan and Mike came

The Ring Ratz are joined by Meghan & Mike Represa for South Brooklyn’s Tier 1 Wrestling.

We look into the recent rash of coke-fueled suspensions in wrestling PLUS, over at the Ring Ratz HQ, we’re having problems with our cosmonaut house guest.

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013 – Vinny The Guido PLUS Cuzin Sanchez

Two Shows in two nights!  The Ring Ratz are on the verge of puking and that’s before we interview Vinny The Guido.

Plus, Sanchez is back with all the soapy details of Wrestler’s Court.  And finally, has “Buff” Bagwell ever been worth shit?


012 – Aaron Bradley w/ BIG NEWZ! & Meghan & Cuzin Sanchez Club Sunny’s Book

The Ring Ratz are less than surprised to hear that, once again, Sunny’s been shit-talking the very respectable, competent, former Women’s Champion, Brooke Adams.

“The Game Changer” Aaron Bradley confirms that he is not, in fact, a weenie.





PLUS! Meghan and Sanchez join us for the first edition of the Ring Ratz Pro Wrestling Gossip Show Podcast Book Club.

011 – The Pug & Mike Nicolini PLUS Searching for Bobby Eaton…

The Pug – half dog, half wrestler, 100% friend of the show joins the Ring Ratz to give us the lowdown on the dog-eat-dog world of professional wrestling.

Mike from Carmel gives us a first-hand account of a riot at Capt. Lou’s 75th Birthday party in Yonkers, NY.  Plus does any-one actually even give a shit that “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton has gone missing?



010 – StacyHallYall & the Ring Ratz magnify Amy Schumer’s allegations regarding Dolph Ziggler’s #micropenis

Guest Stacy Hall Yall joins the the Ring Ratz to probe into @amyschumer ‘s allegations into @heelziggler ‘s #micropenis

Plus we’re back with This Week In Wrestling with a huge addition of This Week In Wrestling plus an insider look into Herb Abram’s coke-fueled nonsense that was Universal Wrestling Federation.

Don’t be the last person to learn about Dolph Ziggler’s #micropenis!

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