083 – Coming Down off the Mountain with the Chubby Daddy

The RingRatz are back with The Chubby Daddy, Trajan Horn and this time it’s pretty much a toss up regarding who smoked more weed before the show.  We’re talking spiritually, wrestling on hallucinogens, and Jamie Senegal’s drop dead sexy photoshoots.


Plus, we go deep on Create A Pro’s next show, Hit The Switch, tons of shitty news and, of course, a Michael Elgin update.

082 – Maximus Sex Power

The RingRatz are back with the best co-host on the goddamn planet, The Abominable CPA.  But CPA isn’t coming alone  – he’s bringing indie wrestling legend, The Revolting Blob/Maximus Sex Power.  We’re talking the golden age of NYC indie wrestling, Rockshaw 666, and the sexiness of Damien Darling.

Plus, a deathmatch nazi?  Porn stars in wrestling?  And art/deathmatch wrestlers pirating other death match pirates?



081 – High as Fuck with The Stoner Brothers

If there’s anyone is wrestling that smokes more weed than the RingRatz, it’s the Stoner Brothers.  We’re packing that shit up tight as fuck talking HoodSlam, Gaydolf Hitler, and the biggest piece of shit in wrestling.

Plus, we’re going ballz deep in the David Starr/Mathias Glass feud, Dan Barry getting a raw deal on his student loans, and Aaron Bradley’s sexiness is finally recognized by Sizzling Stan Styles!


080 – The RingRatz Christmas Spectacular with CPA and the Whole Family

It’s the holiday season and the RingRatz are celebrating withour favorite co-host, The Abominable CPA.  But CPA isn’t coming alone, he’s bringing his lovely girlfriend, Kayla.  Andy Lee’z lady, Meghan, joins the crew as well and they’ve some serious newz to share.


We spend a beautiful December evening drinking a shocking amount of canned domestic beers, eating guacamole, and talking about basically anything in the world other than professional wrestling.

Happy New Year!  The RingRatz will be back with another year of sex, pillz, and not paying our billz in 2018!

079 – Going Hard With Johnny COCKSTRONG

The RingRatz are going ballz deep with Beyond Wrestling mainstay, Johnny Cockstrong.  We’re talking avoiding family shows, utilizing the dick-based offense, and getting shot in the dick by Dick Justice.


Plus, it’s Sonny Kiss’ birthday!  Mike Orlando is calling out some porn star, Masada continues to talk a gang of shit on CZW, and we pay tribute to the last Carny, Gino Moore.

078 – It’s Kit Like the Car, and Osbourne like Ozzy

Kit Osbourne is hanging with The RingRatz tonight!  We’re talking getting powerbombed outside of ring, wrestling in flea markets, and crying after eating Jeff Cannonball’s hot sauce.


Plus, we’re reporting on Shady FloSlam business, updating the masses on the fiscal state of BCW, and admiring MJF’s total control over all humanity, specifically dogz.

077 – Mark Sterling Is Smarter Than You And You Know It.

The longest reigning Champion in Create A Pro Wrestling history, Smart Mark Sterling, is back in the house with the RingRatz.  The smartest man in professional wrestling is enlightening the RingRatz on the continues success of WrestlePro, shitty indie wrestling promos, and the sublime beauty that is the Abominable CPA.

Plus, Sonny Kiss is in love and the RingRatz are freaking the fuck out, David Starr calls out Mathias Glass for cultural appropriation, and Brandon Kirk gets calles a “geek”.


076 – Going Deep Into Bear Country

Bear Bronson is making a huge name for himself and he’s hanging with the RingRatz.  We’re talking about how shitty Albany is, car rides with Rick Cataldo, and actually wrestling a bear for real.

@ bear_bronson

Plus, the Nitehawk swoops in to talk creepy trolling, big girls thirsty for Matt Macintosh, and MJF buying diapers for the NWA World Champion.


Breaking News: MJF has ruined The RingRatz 75th Episode by committing a hostile takeover of our podcast.  MJF calls us bald, fat virgins and he can because he’s our new boss.  The Boss talkS aligning with Smart Mark Sterling, wrestling goddamn everywhere, and why some kids should be aborted.


Next, we reunite Kit Raff, Keita Murray – The Impeccables.  Our boyz are talking the superiority of west coast weed and burritos, showing skin in matches, and the timeless beauty that is Fran Drescher.



074 – Sexy Saiyan Strap On

We’re dayz away from the first-ever Sexy Saiyan Strap On Match at Brii Combination Wrestling.  In a frist-ever RingRatz face off, we have “The Definition of Authority and Sexiness” Eric Jayden and Sizzlin’ Stan Stylez in the house.  We’re talking sex, raunch, and whipped cream.  This shit is getting real nasty real quick.

Plus, Jeff Cannonball continues to ruin assholes, Kit Osbourne is cyber bullying, and Drugz Bunny lays down the blow.